3D printing has become increasingly popular among professionals and hobbyists in all sorts of industries, from aeronautics to animal care. And today more than ever, 3D printing continues to be a real breakthrough in many areas.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has showed businesses the limits of traditional supply chains, 3D printing has become the silver bullet in just a few weeks.

The enormous potential of 3D modeling brings many benefits and makes it possible to improve different sectors of activity. Moreover, by using recyclable and reusable material, it helps bring sustainability into practice.

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In fashion for instance, 3D printing is a trendy technology. It is the promise of an innovative future. There are entire fashion collections printed in 3D. And they include everything related to clothes like dresses, skirts, jackets, but also jewelry and shoes.

Additive manufacturing is interesting for the fashion industry, making it easier to work on designs. This technology gives designers a lot of freedom, in terms of shapes and geometry. For example, it allows you to create complex designs. Many types of 3D printed clothing would have been too complex to create with a traditional manufacturing technique.

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Most recently, and challenged by the Covid19 outbreak, more and more designers are using this advanced technology. With more than a third of the world’s population locked down, it is only natural that businesses embrace change to adapt to this extreme and disrupting situation.

Giant sportswear brand Adidas used 3D printing to β€œcope with a plunge in sales during the coronavirus pandemic.”

In the past couple of years, catwalks of fashion weeks around the world featured exceptional and often sculptural pieces printed in 3D. Additive manufacturing and the fashion industry go very well together. As additive manufacturing is rapidly evolving, technological advances are constantly contributing to the popularity of 3D printing, and new materials are emerging. 3D printing is opening up new opportunities for the fashion industry, especially in the post-Covid era.

Whether it’s creating 3D printed clothing, 3D printed shoes or even accessories, the possibilities are endless.

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