Climate change, global warming, pollution, and most recently Covid 19. These are terms you don’t necessarily associate with bags or outfits. But the fact is, sustainability is no longer just a trending topic. It has become a business imperative across industries, and one of them is the fashion industry.

The Covid19 pandemic is driving consumer preferences towards companies that act responsibly and understand sustainability with depth and sincerity. So, as more and more people move towards a sustainable lifestyle, how can our fashion choices not follow suit?

Truth is, we don’t need a pandemic to make a change.

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Here’s how Speetra Design Studio is making a difference

Using sustainable products: Our products are digitally designed; they’re fully recyclable, biodegradable and generate zero waste.

Complying with new Covid19 rules and regulations: Our processes rely on remote work by 80%, requiring only 20% of physical presence/contact.

Counting on our workforce: Our craftsmen play a key role in the entire production process as our machinery and advanced technology doesn’t in any way eliminate the human factor. The clutch itself is the result of the intersection between design and technology, proving that a machine doesn’t necessarily dilute the sense of craftsmanship.

Giving back to our community by supporting local NGOs: Changing the situation of children with special needs in Lebanon, one child at a time. This is the mission of Sesobel, a mission that resonates with us at Speetra Design Studio, as we pride ourselves on our mission of changing the world, one garment at a time. This mission is translated into our production process of true-to-life 3D digital pieces of clothing and fashion accessories.

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To help Sesobel through these challenging times caused by the many repercussions of the Covid19 pandemic, we launched a fundraising campaign aimed at gathering funds to help our noble cause. In partnership with Wakilni, who generously offered free delivery service, an eco-friendly 3D printed bag was sent to everyone who generously participated to the fundraising campaign by donating the sum of 150,000 LBP to Sesobel.

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